Lip Implants – Permalip and Alloderm


Dr. Bresnick can add fullness to the lips with Permalip Implants. These are solid, soft, silicone implants which are placed through small incisions into the upper and/or lower lips. This procedure works best for younger patients who have well-formed lips and just want them fuller. The implants are permanent, but can be removed if a patient desires. For more information on Permalip implants, please see the Permalip website, at


Soft tissue implants with Alloderm is also available. Alloderm is a collagen implant which is shaped and inserted into the lips with small incisions.   Patient really like the feel and look of Alloderm, yet this implant is slowly reabsorbed by the body, with the typical patient enjoying the implant for between one and two years.  Additional Alloderm can be inserted at a later date if a patient desires to maintain the fullness. Lip Implants - Permalip and Alloderm